This short article will tell you in short what should you expect from the graphic designers and what you should know about the graphic design process in general with Exim Design. We understand that people don’t like to read long instructions but this is something you will benefit from.

1. Graphic design services
2. Filling out a Brief
3. Using graphic assets
4. Business Card design
5. Letterhead design
6. Envelope design
7. Combo stationary design
8. Deliverables
9. Color modes and source files
10. Refunds

1. Graphic design services

Exim design studio provides graphic design services for your needs such as:

  • business card design;
  • letterhead design;
  • envelope design;
  • we also provide some other extra design related services which needs to discuss and quote separately.

2. Filling out a creative brief

In order to provide you with the best experience you need to participate in the process so we can ask you necessary questions, get a feedback from you and ratings through our Assessment System. The first thing you should do after ordering graphic design services is to fill out a creative brief (questionnaire). It will be available to download after your payment.

Important! You need fill out the brief during 48hrs after the payment. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee you a quick turnaround and complete the job during the advertised timeframe. If we can’t here you after 5 working days after payment, your order will be canceled without a refund of your deposit. Please plan ahead accordingly.

3. Using graphic assets

For the stationary design (business cards, letterheads, envelopes) we need that you be able to provide us with a logo in a vector format (.eps, vector pdf, .ai). If you don’t have your logo designed ready you should consider ordering logo design services first or check our combo packages. Without a logotype we’ll be able to design stationary items without a logo of course, but it just won’t look professional enough in our opinion.

You can also provide us with other graphic assets like stock imagery. You need to get those and pay on your own. Just note, if you buy stock images online they need to be print-friendly. The image resolution should be no less than 150dpi (acceptable quality), 300dpi is a standard. There is no limitation if you have a vector file as source – it is a scalable format and it could be used in any size without a loss in a quality.

Please note, that usually, the images you buy online couldn’t be copyrighted and you don’t have the exclusive rights to use it. Of course it depends on license you’ve got but still, please be advised.

4. Business card design

When you order business card design services the crucial information for us is:

  • business card type and dimensions (there are no real standards for business cards. Please refer to the Wiki page for business card sizes and types). In the US the most popular size is 3.5 x 2 inches;
  • name to use on a business card. Please be advised that the number of names for the business cards is limited. See the package description carefully;
  • contact information for business card;
  • your preferences on the color scheme (light or dark), orientation (portrait or landscape);
  • your preferences on one-side or double-side design, fonts and paper you might use.

5. Letterhead design

When you order a letterhead design services we need to know the following:

  • letterhead type and dimensions. Usually it is a US Letter standard (8.5×11 inches) or European A4 (210 x 297 mm).
  • contact information to display;
  • your preferences on the colors and fonts;
  • your preference on whether you want to use a watermark or not;

6. Envelope design

When you order an envelope design services we need to know the following:

  • envelope type and dimensions (please refer to the Wiki page for envelope sizes and types). There are many envelope sizes used worldwide and there is no some unified standards. In the US No.10 (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches) is considered to be most popular for business mailing. In Europe – the DL size, but please check the standards with the post offices in your country;
  • contact information to display;
  • it is important to check with your country postal standards for the graphics on envelopes. Some restrictions could be applied because of the scanning equipment (some regions of the envelope could be reserved for the postal needs);
  • your preferences on the colors and fonts;
  • your preference on whether you want to use a watermark or not.

7. Combo stationary design

To save some money you can order our combo package which includes key stationary items design all together: business card design, letterhead design and envelope design. We’re going to need all information regarding each item to start.

8. Deliverables

Please note, that we provide you with a design only. You won’t get the actual physical stationary items in hands. With our design(s), you can print the items in some local printing shop or somewhere online later.

9. Color modes and source files

All designs will be provided in a vector format (.eps, vector pdf, .ai), in CMYK color mode. The previews for appreciation purposes during the actual process of designing will be shown in a RGB mode.

10. Refunds

You need fill out the brief during 48hrs after the payment. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee you a quick turnaround and complete the job during the advertised timeframe. If we can’t here you after 5 working days after payment, your order will be canceled without a refund of your deposit. Please plan ahead accordingly.

Still have questions?

File extensions formats explained

.EPS – vector Encapsulate Post-Script file
.AI – vector Adobe Illustrator file
.PDF – raster/ vector Adobe Portable Document file
.CDR – vector Corel Draw file
.SVG – vector Scalable Vector Graphics file
.JPG/ .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG  – raster graphics formats
.PSD – raster Adobe Photoshop format

What is vector file?

In logo industry we use vector files and special vector manipulated software, Adobe Illustrator in particular, in order to manipulate the graphics.

Vector based files (EPS, AI, PDF, CDR, SVG) use mathematical calculations to create the dynamic shapes and outlines and thus can be saved in multiple formats and sizes without loss in quality.

Raster based files (JPEG / JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD) are made up of pixels. Where each pixel contains a certain data. Usually, during the manipulation on raster files, the image loose in quality. That is why, for printing purposes the file with hi-resolution and pixel density is required.

The amount of revisions in packages is small. Why?

The amount of revisions stated is per unique concept provided. You will be available to request unlimited revisions polishing the concept you like, eg. asking for trying different colors, fonts, fixing some elements.

But you will not get extra revisions while constantly changing the direction back and forth and requesting different design ideas. This could last forever. We talk here about substantial revisions.


We provide our source vector files for logos in RGB mode with CMYK color codes stated in the file. The reason for that is that you appreciate the design in RGB mode through your screen and different screens show the colors in slightly different manner. For screen/ web usage the RGB mode is used.

CMYK color mode is used for printing. And if you want to print your graphics, you need to contact your local print shop and perform a color matching procedure on site, and perform maybe a test print first. This happens because there is no 100% transition path in color codes from RGB into CMYK values. Moreover, each printing equipment is different, working with various settings and color profiles.

We provide CMYK codes just for the reference. The actual graphic needs to should be altered a bit in terms of colors.

For Letters, Business cards, Envelopes we provide clients with pre-designed vector based files (Adobe Illustrator, AI) in CMYK color mode but they are also need to be evaluated by printing technician first.

What is Assessment System?

We use a backend system when all logo design concepts posted for your consideration. After your package purchase, you will get a link, and login credentials to access the system.

There you will be able:

  • navigate through design proposal submitted for your project;
  • rate and comment submitted entries so we know your preferences, expectations, and directions to follow;
  • request access to your colleagues and peers to appreciate and discuss logo entries

The process of designing is private and not visible to search engines.

What do you mean by saying Initial proposal?

Usually we identify a period of time from the moment we got a completed Brief from you to the time when you start getting your first graphic design proposal within a selected package. Basically, this is a period of time we use for researching, sketching and brainstorming.

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