Date 03 Apr, 2020
Project Type UI/UX Design

UX Review and UI Design for an English Learning app – a revolutionary app for learning new English words and improving your vocabulary. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the app analyses millions of movies, TV shows, songs, news stories and famous people’s quotes, to bring you the most helpful, engaging and enjoyable examples for each word.

We are really happy with the overall theme and colour scheme. We just feel that a few of our pages need to be updated a bit. We are looking for a UX review and UI design.

The design needs to Communicate the following:

  • simplified UX
  • to keep the existing theme

What we did:
We created a series of UIs to show the client our take on this problem. This one in particular we believe should be implemented in the current redesign process.


  • #eximdesign
  • #logojob
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • learning app design
  • wordup

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