Krupa is the main conference about design in Ukraine and one of the biggest events in Europe. It’s about design in general and interface design in particular. This conference hosted by designers for designers with a strong list of reputable and widely known speakers. The third year in a row the organizer of the Krupa build an active UI/UX community.

This year, the list of speakers and invited guests:

  • Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group
  • Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine
  • Cole Mercer, ex-Soundcloud
  • Guillermo Torres, Airbnb
  • Zach Grosser, Figma
  • Lior Pinco,
  • Max Shirko, The23
  • Alexander Ivanov,
  • Takeshi Horiuchi, Age Of Learning
  • Dmitry Starkov, Cloudmade
  • Sergey Valiukh, Tubik Agency
  • Anna Kuntsman Rozenberg,
  • Brittni Bowering, Ajsmart

Krupa is the best opportunity to meet with your colleagues, share the knowledge and strategies, remind about yourself and reinforce your brand among the designer’s community.

See ya in Kyiv, April 6th, 2019!

Event page:


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