Using vector images and vector illustrations on a website may improve its appearance significantly. Moreover, a competent combination of vector and raster graphics nowadays is the unwritten standard for professional designers.

Vector icons and unique vector characters will embellish any blog or professional website. They are heavily used in web design development. In combination with properly selected fonts and proper content organization on the web pages you will get the best possible design and usability features. The large community of web and graphic designers recommends using vector graphics when working with the entire corporate style of the company (logo, slogan, distinctive images, etc.) because sooner or later we are faced with the need to advertise in print or in other forms of media advertising (SVG, flash-banners, video ads, 3-D graphics, etc.), where we need to stick to one general style and where the resizing and scaling procedures without a loss of quality is the crucial criteria.

Exim Design studio will help you create vector images, not only for the web sites you need, but for books, magazines, printed or promotional materials as well. Contact us and let us know what would you like us to create for you!

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