A modern logo is one that shows the meaning for customers and it is based on something important for customers. In fact, a simple logotype is a company’s self-expression, and a modern one stands for a tool for working with general public and clients. At some point a company realizes that self-expression times are over, and it needs some adult features to be developed for its brand.

So, a modern logo becomes an attribute of maturity, it announces the readiness of cooperation and tells you what values a company can offer to its customers. Creating a logo that makes sense is not as simple as you might think. The problem is in finding the idea.

When there is no idea, the problem arises already at the moment of preparing the technical assignment (creative brief) for logo designing job. No one likes that part. Many take samples of briefs and simply modify them a bit. And there are many people who believe that the logo should be made on the basis of their ideas, so for a long period of time it’s hard to agree on a brief for designer and client.

Client often thinks the designer himself will guess and draw what he/she needs. It is wrong. Client always needs to pay attention to the brief and express his ideas before designer starts brainstorming. Preparing a brief in a proper way reduces designer’s iterations on ‘guessing’ proposals therefore reduces price of the job. Spend some time on a brief, wrap your thought on your ideas, your preferences and expectations!

Please use a short guide on how to get a logo in a right way with us.

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